Happy spending my time on these projects

Software Development, IRIS NITK

Student Tech Lead

Successfully scaled the system with almost a 50% increase in user traffic across the campus to 5000+users. Used several algorithms across various problems to ensure scalable code on production with 99% uptime.

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Open Source, Open Library

Google Summer of Code Student

Open Source Contributions to Open Library, world's open source Library Project

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Management, IEEE NITK


Managed a team of 125+ Executive Members and 500+ Student Members to conduct a 15+ of activities, notably driving Women in Tech initiatives.

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Salman Shah is a 22 year old developer based out of Bangalore striving to create impact with my work and looking to network with people to share and work with my ideas. He have been working with Ruby on Rails for over 4 years and with Golang for over a year. He has worked across several organisations through out his college life has brought immense learning and satisfaction on working to impact lives around him.

He has been interested in Public Speaking since his school days. He's been a speaker at GopherCon India 2020, NIT Conclave 2019.

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